Advocacy Committee
The Advocacy Committee is committed to improving community understanding of the legislative processes and strengthening local governments’ understanding of green buildings by promoting sustainable friendly legislation, initiatives, and local regulations. 

As a part of the Advocacy Committee, the USGBC West Michigan has dedicated a day solely to advocacy in Michigan.
To learn about last years Advocacy Day please follow this blog LINK.

Public Policy Library
The U.S. Green Building Council created a Public Policy Library.  Follow this LINK to learn about green building-related and LEED-specific policies across the United States. 

MI Advocacy Priorities

  • To Encourage The Use Of The LEED Rating System In Existing Buildings The LEED for Existing Buildings Rating System helps building owners and operators measure operations, improvements and maintenance on a consistent scale, with the goal of maximizing operational efficiency while minimizing environmental impacts.  LEED for Existing Buildings addresses whole-building cleaning and maintenance issues (including chemical use), recycling programs, exterior maintenance programs, and systems upgrades. 

  • Accelerate The Adoption Of PACE Throughout Michigan The USGBC WM Chapter supports a commercial PACE program in Michigan under HB 5640. This authorizes local units of government to adopt property assessed clean energy programs and create districts that promote the use of renewable energy systems and energy efficiency improvements by owners of certain real property. It provides the financing for such programs through voluntary property assessments, commercial lending, and other means.

  • Support Net Metering Improvements The USGBC WM Chapter supports enhancements to the State’s Net Metering laws to encourage more renewable energy production deployment. “Net Metering” is a system that allows electric ratepayers to offset their electricity bill by generating their own energy through renewable resources such as solar or wind. The meter measures the net quantity of the energy generated and consumed, resulting in a lower electricity bill, a zero balance, or a net credit balance carried forward against future bills.

  • Promote Energy & Benchmarking The USGBC WM Chapter hosts the Michigan Battle of the Buildings. The competition is an awards and recognition program for energy use reduction open to all Michigan area commercial & industrial buildings. The program is a way to encourage energy-efficient practices in buildings across the state and to instill a spirit of friendly competition among the area’s building owners and operators. The USGBC WM is also organizes the Grand Rapids 2030 District. The GR2030 District is a public-private partnership committed to creating high-performing buildings that increase marketability and profitability for property owners, improve their environmental impact, and strengthen the greater community’s vibrancy.

 National Advocacy Priorities

  • Benchmark Buildings in Cities & State

  • Data Access

  • Affordable Housing

  • Green Schools

  • Green the Multilisting System (real estate)

  • “Leading LEED” Supporting LEED/making it easier to engage

  • Building Codes

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