Environmental Engineer or Scientist (Air Quality/Compliance Focus) for Fishbeck

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Job Summary:

Are you interested in working on exciting air quality, sustainability, or environmental compliance projects? As an Environmental Engineer or Scientist with Fishbeck’s Environmental Management Department, you will be working on a variety of industrial client projects providing regulatory assistance, preparing permit applications, conducting site evaluations, and writing detailed reports. You will work alongside industry leaders and government agencies to assess environmental impacts, help clients to maintain compliance, fulfill regulatory oversight of projects, and propose creative solutions for sustainable operations.

Primary Functions:

• Air emission inventories, air emission records review and development, regulatory and compliance reviews.

• Greenhouse gas emission calculations, reporting and sustainability related tasks.

• Prepare and submit regulatory permit applications and reports.

• Perform visible emission readings, conduct waste inspections, and collect and assess storm water samples.

• Interpret collected data and environmental records to aide in reporting and proposals.

• Create environmental plans including SPCC Plans, PIPPs, HWCPs, and SWPPPs.

• Provide on-site regulatory assistance at industrial facilities.

• Build and maintain trusted relationships with new and existing clients.