Sustainability Leader for Progressive AE

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Progressive AE is dedicated to the belief that optimized and sustainable design solutions result from the collaboration of a diverse group of people representing all fields of design. Our team of multi-disciplinary experts bring sustainable design to life while integrating Performance Based Design (PBD).

PBD is our fundamental belief that design drives performance. Design can be beautiful, vital, and measured, improving organizational outcomes. PBD leads to verified results, and designs that connect places, ecosystems, and people. We utilize an integrated design approach that leverages research, aspirational thinking, and alignment to drive performance. We are dedicated to growing a culture of curiosity and using it to create innovative ideas that will nurture, care for, and grow our talent, our purpose, and our clients' commitments toward a healthy, just, and sustainable world. We strive to continually improve and share in the success of our clients and the communities that we, and they, serve.

Sustainable design is purposeful design, no matter how large or small the project. We follow the AIA's "Framework for Design Excellence." Progressive AE is active in the 2030 Challenge, to ensure that "all new buildings, developments, and major renovations shall be carbon-neutral by 2030." Our engineering team is vetting the MEP2040 and SE2050 challenges as well. We take our commitment to sustainability seriously, and we are constantly learning and growing alongside our clients to affect positive change through the built environment.

The successful candidate for this position will work across all offices and will be in either Detroit, MI; Grand Rapids, MI; or the Charlotte, NC office. We encourage candidates who believe they possess the relevant skills and experience to apply for this role, whether or not they meet the specified qualifications.

The Sustainability Leader will have the opportunity to lead our firm's strategic direction on sustainable and high-performance projects. The individual in this position will oversee all the sustainability and decarbonization aspects of our design projects nationwide. This entails engaging in client projects, creating value through insight, creativity, and solutions. This role is highly visible both internally and externally, leading education and development, thought leadership, communicating opportunities, and promoting best practice and innovations in sustainability. This includes engaging with leaders and community partners related to inclusive and sustainable design and integration strategies.

This individual is a thought leader in the industry with a strong presence in the market. As a leader in the sustainability space, this role is expected to contribute to the development of the firm's sustainability strategies, provide guidance to team members, and participate in industry events and conferences. Another key aspect of this position is development of relationships with key stakeholders and building a strong network of contacts in the sustainability and green building design communities.

This role is an ambassador for a shared, inter-office design process that delivers a unified approach, while recognizing the unique needs and priorities of individual clients. It is an integral part of developing a customer experience that brings Progressive AE's brand promise, purpose, and values to life.