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Written by Architecture 2030 

The Carbon Smart Materials Palette® is a project of Architecture 2030. The Carbon Smart Materials Palette is a living resource that reflects the best available knowledge and resources at this time. The palette will be updated as new technology, research, and data becomes available. The extent to which any or all of these guidelines and recommendations are realized in practice depends in large measure on their application, local conditions, and the extent to which the designer succeeds in understanding and applying them.

Architecture 2030 does not guarantee, certify, or assure the safety or performance of any buildings, products, components, or systems selected or installed in accordance with the Carbon Smart Materials Palette. The Carbon Smart Materials Palette is presented solely as a guide, which may be modified as more information becomes available. In utilizing the Carbon Smart Materials Palette, practitioners must research and ensure the applicability and structural performance of the various materials, and comply with safety and application instructions, ordinances and codes applicable in their jurisdictions.

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