Zero Energy Project Guide

Zero Energy Project Guide
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ZE is possible for many buildings and this Getting to Zero: ZE Project Guide can help you on the path to zero energy. A zero energy (ZE) building is an extremely energy-efficient building that is designed and operated to produce as much energy as it consumes over the course of the year. ZE buildings are no longer solely demonstration projects and market outliers. NBI’s List of ZE Buildings includes a wide range of mainstream building and ownership types that reflect a universal trend toward ZE adoption. ZE is feasible in both new construction and existing building renovation. Teams have found that ZE buildings do not always cost more to build, especially when ZE is a goal from the start. Plus, they provide exemplary spaces for their occupants. ZE buildings are thermally and acoustically comfortable and offer glare-free daylighting, which creates a highly productive environment. They also have significantly lower operations and maintenance costs.

The steps to achieve ZE are different from a traditional building development process. This Getting to Zero: ZE Project Guide explains those differences and provides a framework for planning any ZE project. It provides resources, checklists, and worksheets to inform a process of gaining stakeholder support, selecting a qualified design team, managing the design and construction process, occupying a ZE building, and verifying a ZE result.

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