E3M Solutions receives the 2019 Volunteer of the Year Award at Annual Party

The U.S. Green Building Council of West Michigan (USGBC-WM) thrives on volunteerism.  It’s the passionate people who give their time and experience to the mission of creating a sustainable community that creates real change. The USGBC-WM is pleased to present E3M Solutions with the 2019 Volunteer of the Year Award. Through their partnership with the USGBC-WM, E3M Solutions addresses three key goals: environmental sustainability, financial viability, and risk management. In pursuit of this, E3M has donated their time mentoring with the USGBC-WM Students for Sustainable Design program and also lead

Eric DeVries of E3M Solutions accepts 2019 Volunteer of the Year Award.

workshops centered around building and energy codes. USGBC-WM is grateful for E3M Solutions and their continued support.

In the five years that they have been in business, E3M Solutions has already built a wide base of satisfied customers. Offering services such as support in mechanical and electrical engineering practices, energy audits, and practical applications for energy efficiency, this company believes that engineering and energy are interrelated. As a company, E3M Solutions is passionate about environmentally sustainable engineering practices. Energy, according to E3M Solutions’ Eric DeVries, is too often an afterthought in engineering. Through their work and services, E3M works to correct this and educate others on how to do the same. A company founded on principles of creativity, flexibility, and accountability, E3M is committed to serving people and the environment to the fullest possible extent.

The volunteer work that E3M has provided over the past year has been invaluable to the USGBC-WM. Since 2018, E3M Solutions has donated time and resources to mentor students and educate others on energy and building codes. Over the past two years, E3M Solutions alongside Fishbeck & Steelcase have also been working with both Grand Rapids Community College and Grand Rapids Public Schools to support their educational efforts.

With the mindset of both creativity and pragmatism, E3M combines realistic expectations with innovative ideas. Not only do they ask, “what will this cost”, they also ask, “how might we make this more economically and environmentally viable?”. Overall, E3M Solutions has gone above and beyond to support their community and USGBC-WM in its sustainability endeavors. Beyond this, they have shown dedication to sustainability and the core values of USGBC-WM.

Members of E3M Solutions team can balance quality work and creative collaboration.

Eric DeVries, President and Energy Management Engineer at E3M Solutions, stated that we are “far better off together than we are apart.'' As a society, we are more effective in solving any issue, than we are when we work in silos. In this way, DeVries captured the essence of volunteer work: the world benefits from the combined efforts of many individuals. The same can be said of the staff at E3M Solutions; it is through collaboration and shared experience that they have built their success, and in this way, they will continue to grow. The USGBC-WM is happy to commemorate this dedication to E3M Solutions’ work.