2019 Green Community Award presented to Habitat Kent for 6 LEED Certified homes

Delegates from Habitat for Humanity of Kent County accept 2019 Green Community Award

Habitat for Humanity of Kent County (HHKC) has showcased its commitment to sustainability by constructing LEED certified homes for families across Kent County. In the last year, HHKC has certified 6 affordable housing projects securing the U.S Green Building Council of West Michigan’s 2019 Green Community Award. These homes, with features such as air sealing, increased insulation, no- to low-VOCs, and material-efficient framing, work to prove that sustainability and affordability can go hand in hand. These LEED certified homes are environmentally sustainable and a great return on investment.

In their work, HHKC strives to teach others that sustainable housing commitment to the greater community. can be financially possible for many people. These homes should be viewed as an investment in the health and finances of the family, as well as one in the health of our planet.  Indeed, many new LEED homeowners have reported lower and more stable utility bills, due in great part to the improved air sealing and insulation of the home. In addition to the financial benefits, there is much to be said for the health and happiness of a family who moves into a LEED certified home. In addition, HHKC provides classes that specialize in homeowner’s skills; after these courses, families will be prepared to enter the world of homeownership. Many people reported a renewed sense of purpose after moving in.  This increase in self-confidence is beneficial for both parents and children.

Overall, HHKC is making lifelong investments in families. Likewise, families are encouraged to invest in themselves and their futures. Kristin Rahn-Tiemeyer,

A newly constructed home built by HHKC.

Director of Communications and Strategy at HHKC, expressed many things of which she was proud in regards to the LEED certified homes. In agreement with her colleagues, Rahn-Tiemeyer expressed pride in the fact that through these homes, HHKC has provided environmentally and financially conscious homes for many families.

Many people, she reported, experience lower stress levels and feel a renewed sense of hope for the future. The stories of these families are heartwarming and evoke a sense of inspiration. HHKC seeks to push the boundaries of their industry; not only do they want to provide housing for those with limited incomes, but they also seek to lead the way in sustainable building practices. The dedication that HHKC shows is admirable, but more so is their commitment to their clients. They are truly in the business of helping individuals to renew the lives of themselves and their families.  It is the residents that make a house a home. Habitat for Humanity of Kent County is invested in their residents, and to the residents of this planet. The staff of this organization is steadfast in their endeavors and In their work, HHKC strives to teach others that sustainable housing commitment to the greater community.