Steelcase becomes the 15th largest renewable energy purchaser in the United States

On March 13, 2014 Steelcase announced it was increasing its purchase of Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to the equivalent of 100% of our global electricity consumption. This investment in renewable energy makes Steelcase the 15th largest renewable energy purchaser in the United States according to the US EPA Green Power Partnership. Steelcase was a founding member of the Green Power Partnership in 2001 when they purchased renewable energy equivalent to 100% of the electricity needs of our Global Headquarters building. The current renewable energy investment comes from 100% non-emitting sources (e.g. no landfill gas or burning biomass). In an effort to expand positive impact, Steelcase has created a one-of-a kind program that will enable our supplies to purchase renewable energy credits from these same clean sources at the same volume discount pricing Steelcase is paying. Learn more here. 

Steelcase has been a champion of LEED with their Wood Furniture Manufacturing Plant being the first factory in the world to be LEED certified. Steelcases Work Labortory in Grand Rapids is LEED Platinum and the Leadership Space in the Headquarters is also LEED certified. Showroom spaces in Chicago, DC, and a business center in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia are also LEED certified. The University Staff Space and Innovation Center are in the LEED credentialing process.

Submitted by:
Andrea Marz, Executive Director, USGBC WM

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