USGBC-WM attends the Grand Rapids Neighborhood Summit

The 4th annual GR Neighborhood Summit, hosted by the City of Grand Rapids at the GVSU Pew Campus in the DeVos Center, proved to be another successful year in which City residents left inspired about the possibilities in their community.

The annual event is designed to connect residents, build skills and leverage their leadership to make the City of Grand Rapids a more equitable place. The success of the Summit is a testament to the unique and vibrant place Grand Rapids is to live, learn and labor. Even the keynote speaker Dr. Radesha L. Weaver expressed that in all her studies on communities, she has not seen an event quite like this.

Mayor Rosalynn Bliss’ leadership and charm excited the audience at 8:30 in the morning with opening remarks. Her love for the city was apparent in her belief that together we will grow from, “the energy and people in this room who care so deeply. The only way to beat our challenges is through our need to come together.”

She welcomed GVSU President Thomas Haas to the microphone who emphasized the power in systemic collaboration to promote the strength and resiliency of the City. The GVSU vision “shape students, professions and society” rang true to the foundation of the event.

The final call to action came from the wisdom of Dr. Weaver, Assistant Professor at the University of Vermont, as she advocated for being a positive social change agent through business development and community partnership. “The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire; [and when we do so] we inspire, motivate and indirectly give permission for others to do the same.”

The USGBC of West Michigan supports our partners as they strengthen the City’s neighborhoods and vibrant local identity. The great work they are doing aligns with our mission to embrace where we live, learn and labor. Learn more about the 5th annual City Neighborhood Summit on their Facebook page.

By Gillian Giem, USGBC-WM

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