Chapter Member Directory

Chapter Membership Directory as of April 2016. To sort by column heading, click the heading title.
Aalderink Kevin Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber Architect
AES Admin Alliance for Environmental Sustainability
Bruce Anderson Not Assigned
Nicole Badgero MAYOTTEgroup Architects Architect
Aron Bazen Bazen Electric Engineer
Dennis Bekken C2AE Architect
David Bell Progressive AE Engineer
John Borgerding Not Assigned
Stevan Bratic Not Assigned
Kenneth Brock  Mechanical Testing Services Inc. Not Assigned 
Peter Carino Not Assigned
Andrew Carver Not Assigned
Josh Case Not Assigned
Matthew Cerutti Not Assigned
Donald Cok AMDG Architects, Inc. Architect
Sharon Darby Cascade Engineering Product Manufacturer
Sue Dennis Porter Hills Not Assigned
James Dirkes II The Building Performance Team, Inc. Energy and Sustainability Consultant
Joe Ditonto Not Assigned
Eric Doyle Catalyst Partners Energy and Sustainability Consultant
David Dye Not Assigned
Matthew Earl Not Assigned
Jessica Eimer Aquinas College Non-Profit Organization
Cecilia Escobar Not Assigned
Sean Fahey Steelcase Product Manufacturer
Andrew Farron Hurst Mechanical Energy Sustainability Consultant
David Field Not Assigned
Sheri Flahive Corporate Cleaning Inc.
Nathan Funk Via Design Inc. Architect
Maegan Garlock Not Assigned
David Gehrls Not Assigned
Nate Gillette Natura Architectural Consulting Energy and Sustainability Consultant
Jasper Gondhi FTC&H Engineer
Paul Gordon Comfort Systems USA Engineer
Dan Green Other
Mark Grimes Developer
Albert Groenewold Burgess Concrete Contractor or Builder
Latrice Harrison Not Assigned
Steve Hassevoort INFORM Architecture Architect
Perry Hausman Tower Pinkster Architect
Renae Hesselink Nichols Energy and Sustainability Consultant
Theresa Hogerheide-Reusch Reusch Design Services, LLC Interior Designer
Cheri Holman Hurst Mechanical Contractor or Builder
Dawn Holtrop DMH Architecture Architect
Bonnie Hook  Bergmann Not Assigned
Mike Ignatoski Clark Retirement Community Not Assigned
Doug Jackson Not Assigned
Pam Jackson Not Assigned
Aaron Jenks Triangle Associates, Inc. Not Assigned
James Johnson Other
Janice Kitchen Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber, Inc. Interior Designer
Becky Kliss Green Connection Inc. Contractor or Builder
Steven Koster Enviro-Clean Other
Brad Kranig The Christman Company Contractor or Builder
Sarah Latta Rainero Not Assigned
Brett Little Nonprofit Organization
Andrew Longcore The Business Law Group Not Assigned
Walt Lutzke Tubelite Inc. Product Manufacturer
Michael Marks E.T. MacKenzie Company Contractor or Builder
Zachary Mathie Not Assigned
James McCarty Catalyst Partners Energy and Sustainability Consultant
Tara McCrackin Ferris State University Not Assigned
Bradley Mead Professional Maintenance of Michigan Not Assigned
Chris Meyer Not Assigned
Alfred Miller Seven Generations AE Architect
Brad Miller BIFMA Non-Profit Organization
DeVon Miller Western Michigan University Other
Josh Miller Rapid Green Group  Not Assigned
Diane Mills Not Assigned
Jeff Montague FTC&H Architect
David Moss Bergmann Associates Architect
Ryan Musch Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber Engineer
Kelly Myles Braun Interior Design
Alan Nicholson Not Assigned
Jim Nicolow Lord Aeck & Sargent, Inc. Architect
Sue Norman Easy To Be Green Not Assigned
Brian Pageau Not Assigned
Terry Pahl Grand Valley State university Facility Manager
Charlotte Pease GRCC Not Assigned
Nancy Peterson Azon Product Manufacturer
Sam Pobst Eco Metrics LLC Energy and Sustainability Consultant
Mark Rambo Grand Valley State University
Katrina Reed CSM Group Not Assigned
Thomas Reder Bergmann Associates Architect
Craig Ressler Easy To Be Green not assigned
Kelly Richardson Architect
David Rinard Steelcase Inc. Product Manufacturer
Evelyn Ritter Not Assigned
Beverly Rowell CBRE Other
Jon Rozema
Jerry Ruland Comfort Systems USA Contractor or Builder
Jeffrey Saylor Abonmarche Not Assigned
Kyle Scott CSM Group Not Assigned
Meryl Sherman  El Sol Custom Lighting Product Manufacturer  
David Shugars R.L. Deppman Engineer
David Snyder Turner Construction Company Engineer
Jessica Spagnuolo Consumers Energy Energy and Sustainability Consultant
Mark Steenbergen Bazzani Associates Contractor or Builder
Amy Sullivan The Christman Company Contractor or Builder
Irfan Syed Not Assigned
Debra Sypien The Christman Company Contractor or Builder
Andrea Terrien Catalyst Partners ENERGY/SUSTAINABILITY
Sara Tripp Diekema Hamann Architecture & Engineering Architect
Mike Troupos Not Assigned
Kristin Trovillion Grand Rapids Public Schools Other
Denise Van Valkenburg Herman Miller Product Manufacturer
Matthew VanSweden Integrated Architecture Contractor or Builder
Joseph Wadel KEMA Services, Inc. Energy and Sustainability Consultant
Gary Walker Honeywell Energy and Sustainability Consultant
Robert Walsh Not Assigned
Gregory Weykamp Landscape Architect
Scott Whisler Grand Valley State University Contractor or Builder
Don White TowerPinkster Engineer
Mary Whittaker Dencan Inform Architecture  Architect
Doug Wiersma Not Assigned
Leah Wiragu Not Assigned
Mark Wisz dbHMS Contractor/Builder
Susie (Ruqun) WU MI State University Student
Mark Zoeteman Fishbeck, Thompson, Carr & Huber Engineer