Coastal Habitat Restoration and Resilience Grants for Tribes and Underserved Communities – NOAA

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Grantee Type: Tribes and Underserved Communities

Funding: Award amounts range from $75,000 to $3 million over the award period.

Deadline to Apply: December 19, 2023.


Eligible applicants are tribes, applicants that can demonstrate status as a tribal entity, an underserved community, or entities that partner with tribes, tribal entities, and/or underserved communities such as institutions of higher education, non-profit organizations, commercial (for profit) organizations, U.S. territories, and state, local, and Native American and Alaska Native tribal governments. As part of their applications, applicants must demonstrate their status as, or connection to, a tribe, tribal entity, and/or an underserved community.

Additional Notes:

$45 million in funding is available for projects that will advance the coastal habitat restoration and climate resilience priorities of tribes and underserved communities under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation Reduction Act. Through this funding, NOAA will help support community-driven habitat restoration and build the capacity of tribes and underserved communities to more fully participate in restoration activities.

Of the $45 million in funding available, $20 million is specifically available to U.S. federally recognized tribes, Alaska Native Corporations, and organizations that represent tribes through formal legal agreements, through direct awards or subawards:

A direct award is an award where the tribe is the applicant, receives an award from NOAA, and administers the award.A subaward to a tribe is an award where a non-tribal applicant receives a direct award from NOAA, but provides a specific amount of funding to a tribe to carry out a portion of the award.The remaining $25 million will be available to all eligible applicants, to support opportunities for tribes and underserved communities to meaningfully engage in coastal habitat restoration activities.