Grid Resiliency Program – EGLE (through BIL)

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Grantor: EGLE (through BIL)

Grantee Type: Utilties


A minimum of $16,353,094 in funding is expected to be available for the first two years of the project; 50 percent of the funding will be available for large operators and the other 50 percent will be available for the small operators. All grant agreements require large operators that sell more than 4 Terawatt hours (TWh) of electricity per year, to provide a minimum 100 percent match of the total requested grant funds. For small operators that sell less than 4 TWh or electricity per year, are required to provide a minimum of 33 percent of the total requested grant funds


Eligible applicants include electricity providers physically located in Michigan, specifically investor-owned utilities, cooperative utilities, and municipal utilities. The total amount of funding will be divided between large operators (LO) and small operators (SO). LO, defined as utilities selling more than 4 terawatt hours (TWh) of electricity annually, are eligible for 50 percent of the available funds. SO, defined as utilities selling not more than 4 TWh of electricity per year, are eligible for the remaining 50 percent of the funds.

Deadline to Apply:

The Request for Proposals (RFP) and other information about this funding opportunity are available on the Grid Resiliency Web page. To apply, submit an Online Application through Survey Monkey by no later than November 17, 2023.


Questions on this RFP may be submitted by email to Lauren Magirl at