Consumers Energy Leading by Example

Consumers Energy is leading by example by releasing an ambitious Sustainability Report for 2018. It serves as a snapshot of their progress while pursuing the goals towards the triple bottom line of “people, planet, and prosperity”.

Some key takeaways from this year’s release is that the energy provider is aggressively pursuing 80 percent carbon emissions reductions and the elimination of coal power generation by 2040. Already Consumers Energy has accomplished 35 percent water reductions, 38 percent reductions in carbon intensity and avoided more than one million cubic feet of landfill disposal.

President and CEO, Patti Poppe expresses the sincerity of the company’s mission to forge forth with their sustainability ambitions: “As Michigan’s largest utility, we’re uniquely positioned to be a driving force for good…. we invest in the communities we serve, because we live here too. And we take actions to preserve and protect our natural resources, because we enjoy Michigan’s beauty just as much as you.”

Read about their sustainability programs here.

Written by Gillian Giem, USGBC-WM