Guest Blog: How Can I Manage My Energy Bill as the Temperature Drops?

The recent record-setting extreme temperatures we experienced across the state will have a big impact on your energy usage. Even without making any changes in how your business uses energy, your furnace and other heating sources are working harder to maintain the current thermostat setting against this historic winter cold.  This means your office or workspace is using more energy, which will lead to a higher bill next month.

For tips and information about how to better manage your energy use this winter, visit


  • Know how to spot the signs of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning – headaches, nausea, dizziness
    and breathlessness all indicate potential exposure. If these symptoms occur, leave the area
    immediately and get fresh air. Seek medical assistance and call 911. Be sure to have a carbon
    monoxide detector.
  • Remove any snow or ice from your outdoor gas meter with a hand or brush and make sure to clear a path to your meter. Avoid using sharp objects like shovels to prevent damage to your meter.

Do not:

  • Run a generator inside your home, garage or other enclosed building.
  • Use an unvented natural gas or kerosene space heater indoors.

DTE has a number of programs available for business and commercial customers struggling with bills, including Flexible Due Date, Payment Agreements and other options. Call us at 855.383.4249 to discuss your options.