Successful National Bike to Work Day

The Mayor’s Bike to Work Day last Friday the 18th was a great morning kick-off the end of the week. In celebration of active commuting, a group met at the Fulton Street Farmers Market and biked to the Calder Plaza to demonstrate the clean, fun and healthy benefits of bicycling.

If you or your organization’s employees used wheels to participate in the National Bike to Work Day, show your support via a social media post with the hashtag #GRbikestowork to gain a chance to win a helmet signed by Mayor Bliss!

This day serves as a sneak-peak for the Active Commute Week coming up the week of June 11th. Follow it on their Facebook and check out their website. You don’t want to miss Handlebar Happy Hour!

Thank you Mobile GR, the Greater Grand Rapids Bicycle Coalition and Mayor Bliss for supporting a cleaner, healthier, happier GR!


Written by Gillian Giem, USGBC-WM