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The Grand Rapids 2030 District is providing a unique opportunity for small businesses, non-profits, houses of worship, multi-family & educational institutions to lower their monthly utility costs.

apply for a matching grant for an energy audit today

This program will provide a matching grant for a building audit to uncover systems and/or processes that are increasing your energy bills.  A team of experts will work with you to develop a strategic plan and connect you with resources that will increase the profit from energy efficiency upgrades.

Benefits for qualified businesses include:

  • Energy baseline/energy benchmark of your property
  • Customized building audit and financial analysis
  • Energy savings through profitable upgrades and property value increase from lower operating costs
  • Show leadership with public acknowledgment of your participation in the program
  • Access to special incentives that can drastically reduce the cost
  • of new equipment

Applications are welcome from anywhere in West Michigan. Membership in the GR2030 District is not mandatory to be considered for this program. Accepting applications until funding is depleted.

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